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Meet the CTNP Committee!

    Just what is the CTNP Committee?  In short, it's a group of specially chosen individuals who have volunteered their time and talents to the various needs of the project.  Duties range from administrative and strategic discussion to interacting with the fan community to editorial duties.  Basically, the Committee is our name for the project staff.

    If you're interested in being more involved, even as a Committee member, then head over to the Positions page to see what we're looking for.  Actual Committee members are typically chosen on an invitation-only basis, meaning that you can't just "pretty-please" your way into it.  Most members chosen have had a history of involvement with the project, whether through the forum, site surveys, or otherwise.

    Committee membership, however, is absolutely not necessary to play an active role in the support of this project!  I strongly encourage you to take a look at the Support pages of this site and learn how you can greatly help the cause of this project with any little amount of spare time you may have.

    Now, I would like to introduce to you the current Committee members with some brief references for each one (email, name, web site, etc.).  Clicking on a person's name will take you to his/her personal profile page, if available.  Each profile page represents whatever that particular member wanted to put there, so enjoy!

    Here they are...Your CTNP Committee!

    Contact any Committee member at

Name Position Email URL
Wayne Novelist/Project Director/Web Content
Spencer Assistant Project Director/Editorial Team Member  
James Editorial Team Member/Japanese Language Consultancy
Ian PR & Support Coordinator/Forum Moderator  
Jeremy Editorial Team Member  
Jacob Editorial Team Member  

    CTNP Extended Team
Somewhat separate from the Committee is the CTNP Extended Team, a group of contacts who have made themselves available for various tasks that come up over time.  This is by no means a complete list of everyone who has or will help out with the project.  Rather, it's a list of some of my regular contacts who have offered to make themselves available as needed.

Name Position Email URL
Greg Web Programming & Design    
Michael Graphics Artist  
Nick Graphics Artist    
Eric Web Programming & Graphics Design

    Most of these members are simply great contacts for support, inquiries, ideas, thoughts, concerns, and discussions.  They all do a terrific job to assist me in the many tasks that go along with this project so that I can concentrate more on the novel itself.  These individuals help to make my job a whole lot easier, so hats off to these great supporters!  They are always available for contact, they're always ready to help, and they're always there to encourage!  Thank you, Committee members!

    Other past members of honorary mention (otherwise titled "Honorary Members") include Tiffany, John, Vincent, Ryan, and Daniel.  Thanks for all of your hard work and support over the years!

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