John's Profile

CTNP Editorial Team

Age:  21
Weight:  130 lbs.
Height:  6' (approx.)

Basic Info:  Born in Terre Haute, Indiana on September 21, 1985.  Have lived in Kokomo, IN for most of my life.  Have also lived in several other Indiana cities, and a couple in Kentucky.  Graduated from Kokomo Christian School on May 17, 2003.  Have been a follower of Christ since the age of 7.

    There are two things you should know about me right off the bat.  One is that I'm an avid reader; I always have been.  The other is that I'm a huge fan of video games.  Given enough time, the two were bound to intersect in my life eventually.  Over the years, I have acquired a serious fondness for certain franchises, especially those by Nintendo.  The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Brothers are probably the two that I would name as my earliest favorites.  What makes my involvement with the Chrono Trigger Novel Project ironic is that up until about a year and a half ago, I refused to play RPGs at all, let alone those as in-depth as Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy VII, both of which have turned out to be among my most favorite games.
    In not allowing myself to play such incredible games as CT and FFVII, I was denying myself the satisfaction of being involved in something truly epic.  Both are stories that often make the player feel as if he is right next to the characters in the game, feeling the very same emotions they are experiencing.  Since both are also very long games, you get the chance to know each character on an intimate basis.  Those of you who have played through either game should easily be able to pick certain moments that stand out to you, as I could.
    If I were asked to use only one word to describe both this entire project, and my opinion of working with Wayne, I would use "commitment."  When so many people say that it can't be done, that Square-Enix would never approve such a venture, what else can carry on our resolve but an intense love for Chrono Trigger?  Sure, there may be a host of other factors that make up this project, but this whole thing never would have begun in the first place if it didn't start with that base criteria.
    Though I have not yet had the chance to meet Wayne face-to-face, I have come to respect him more than a lot of other people that I have known for years.  He is sincere in his communication, he is dedicated and committed to the project, and he will go as far as he has to to see this through.  I have heard him speak of such things as his willingness to take the novel straight to the heads of the company in Japan, and I really think that he means to do this.  It may very well be a vital part of the publication of the CT novel.
    Some may say that without the authorship of the original creators, the CT novel could never be half of what it should be, or deserves to be.  All one has to do is read the sample chapters to know that this is certainly not true!  Years of hard work have already been poured into this project, and it is far from over, but there is one thing to be sure of:  If ever an ambitious group of fans had a viable chance to see their dreams come true, this one is it!

~John Stanifer (alias Zelda_Master)

P.S.  This is the windshield of my '86 Oldsmobile Coupe.