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CTNP Petition

Print, Sign, Send, Show Your Support!

   IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that the Operation UV petition effort has ceased.  If you wish to send any petitions or letters, you may continue to do so using the same mailing address and resources.  Thanks for your support as our efforts to finish the novel and maintain contact with Square-Enix continue.

    Petition Links:
    Petition Forms
    How to Submit Forms
    Tips for Gathering Signatures
    Tips from Top Signature Gatherer Maguschild

    OpUV Login

    As a part of the CTNP's "Operation Ultimate Victory," we have made available a petition as another way for fans to show their support.  We here at the CTNP used to make a bigger deal of the petition effort, but we eventually realized that the intense resources involved with making an Internet petition a primary focus was vastly unproductive to our overall goal.  After 4150 online and over 400 handwritten signatures were diligently obtained, we decided to step back and focus our attention on tasks more critical to the eventual success of this project.

    Of course, even though our focus has shifted more towards other things, we still feel that the petition is a potentially important supplement to the final presentation of this project.  If you consider yourself a Chrono Trigger Novel supporter, please do sign the petition and scan or mail it to the information below.  To start, all you need to do is sign up in our OpUV system, which allows you to print out user-specific petition forms and us to keep accurate statistics about those who are supporting us with their participation.  You can also track the signatures you've gathered using this nifty system.

    Finally, as a thank you to all those who signed up in the first couple of months, I have put up an honorary page listing out the first 160 members of OpUV.  Thanks to all of you!

    IMPORTANT: While you most certainly can sign the petition without signing up (just download one of the forms below, sign it, and send it in), signing up with an account is preferred so that we can track involvement in this effort.  Thank you for your support!


Generic Petition Signature Forms:

SIGNATURE SOLO (For individuals and a few friends/family)

SIGNATURE PLUS (For gathering lots of signatures)


COVER LETTER ONLY, VERSION 1 (Generally used to accompany Signature PLUS forms)

COVER LETTER ONLY, VERSION 2 (A more personal, descriptive letter that some may prefer using)


How to Submit Forms:

Forms can be submitted one of two ways:

  1. Mail to:
    P.O. Box 400
    Henryville, IN. 47126 USA
  2. Scan electronically and email to:


Tips on Gathering Signatures (from Committee member Spencer, CTCronoboy from the forum):

Here are some location ideas:

1. Any video game store: This is the best one, since many fans of the game will be in full support of a novel. Try and set up a day where you can stay at the store and personally try and get signatures. If not, ask if you can leave a Signature PLUS form at the store and check on it regularly.

2. Library: Here is the best chance to find potential readers who may be interested in either the game or the game's story in novel form. The same format as above, a meet and greet and/or PLUS form drop off.

3. Book stores: Here is also good, but I think it will be harder to set up a meet and greet because it is a store versus a library. But never the less, definitely go to at least the big chains like Barnes and Noble.

4. Coffee Shops: Now you may disagree, but let me explain. Many people come to Coffee shops to read, browse online, and generally lounge around. This is a huge plus because if you can set up a meet and greet, you could (given the right tools) have the web page setup and show people that are new to the game some of the Demo Chapters and anything else that might peak their interest. Plus there would be a better chance of the manager allowing for a meet and greet, since they already have people sitting around anyways.

Now if you want to try a meet and greet I recommend trying this method, or something similar:

~ Try and print out at least one copy of the Demo Chapters for people to glance at or read. Remember that we are not just looking for the gaming audience here. We want readers to also get interested in this novel, the more signatures the better.

~ Don't give up if one manager disallows a meet and greet. Go on a different day, when there is another manager working. You might talk to someone who dislikes video games one day, and get an avid fan of gaming the next. Keep at it, we depend on you guys!

~ Make it look professional. If you give off the impression that we are not serious about this, then it will turn people off. Try and dress nice, you don't have to wear a suit but try not to wear sweats and a dirty t-shirt. Don't be a jerk if they are giving you attitude, just counter their arguments without getting mad about it. You might even change their minds.

~ Feel free to bring along flyers, signs, etc. to get attention if you can put something together. There are a limited number of materials at the website, but the plan is for more to become available in the near future. For now, do what you can and let us know how it turns out!


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