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Pictures/Images Archives

     Welcome to the pictures/images archives of the Chrono Trigger Novel Project! Obviously, this isn't the main purpose of this project, but I thought it would be a nice resource for the visitors of this site, so here it is!

     The popular game of Chrono Trigger contains lots of memorable scenes and features a cast of characters virtually unmatched in any other fantasy world.  So, what better way to relive the moments of the game than to take a stroll down memory lane with this "album" of pictures?  That's what this section is for.

     The pictures themselves have been compiled from a number of other sites, individuals, and other sources that freely offered them.  There are far too many to name individually, and, quite frankly, I simply don't remember where I got many of these, as I've had them for years.  The archives are mostly complete, but, if you find that something is missing that you have access to, please feel free to email the image to me at or to let me know where I can find it.  Doing so will only make this section a more complete source for anyone wanting to browse some great pictures from a great game.  As for the Fan Art and Novel Cover Art sections, those are part of the Fan Submissions section.  Submissions for those can be sent to  They may not be posted immediately, but we'll do the best we can!

     With that, I hope you enjoy this section of the site.


     Characters Picture Archives

     General Pictures (Including Maps and Sprites Archives)

     Fan Art

     Novel Cover Art

     Support Images/Banners


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