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CTNP Pictures Archives -- Chrono Trigger Character Pictures

CT Character Pics Archives

    All of Chrono Trigger images in this section are organized by character.  The archives for each character may include animated gifs, regular character gifs, poster images, cartoon images (from posters/PSX game/etc.), and other screenshot images.  You'll find all that I have for each character under that page.  Any other image that doesn't pertain to a single character can be found in the General Pictures page.

    If you notice that something is missing that you can help me with, please feel free to email me at  The archives are mostly complete, but I'm sure there will always be something that isn't there.  I want to make the CTNP Home your one-stop resource for all the Chrono Trigger images you need, so please drop me an email if you can help it to be any more complete.  Thanks, and enjoy!



Alfador Atropos Azala Belthasar Chancellor
Clarus (600)
Valentyne (1000)
Chef Cal Abelcain Cyrus Dalton Doan
Enemies (Major) Enemies (Minor) Epoch Fiona Flea
Gaspar Gina
(Crono's Mom)
Glenn King Malcolm
Guardia XXI
King Ronan
Guardia XXXIII
Janus Johnny Judge Kino Knight Captain
Aron Abelcain
Lara Lavos Masa/Mune Melchior Norstein Bekkler
Nu Ozzie Ozzie VIII Queen Leene Queen Zeal
Schala Slash Spekkio Taban Tata
Toma   Items   Other

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