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Wayne's Question

    Welcome to the archive of Wayne's Questions!  Instead of posting every question from the past and to come on this one page, I have decided to save on load time and make links just for the polls individually.  This way, you can just go to the ones that you haven't seen or voted on yet, and you can check the current tally on whatever poll you're interested in (a new window will open when you click the links).  Every question posted will stay on this page, either as the featured question or as an archived question.  Please only vote once!!!  For the sake of the project, I want to keep these polls completely accurate!  Please note, though, that not every question necessarily has to do with any need in the project or novel.  Many will be just for fun!  Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy!

POP-UP NOTICE: All of the links on this page open new windows.  If you have a pop-up blocker installed, you may need to hold Ctrl while clicking a link in order for the page to display properly.  This can be helped in the future by adding "" to your pop-up blocker's "safe" or "allowed sites" list.

FORUM NOTE: All current and new polls will be hosted through the project's forum.  You may be asked to provide a username and password when clicking "Vote" or "Results."  Signing up is fast and free and will gain you access to the project's forum, where CT novel topics are discussed regularly.  You will also be able to comment on your response to this poll.  (You can also vote from within the forum itself.)


Current Poll(s):
Poll Link: Square-Enix Response: What If...?
(May be easier if you don't already have a forum username)

(For all visitors)

Should Square-Enix turn down the Chrono Trigger Novel, what do you feel the CTNP should do next? (Results | Discussion Topic)

Never give up on the CTN! Push ahead anyway!

Count the losses! Discontinue the project altogether.

Make the most of 12 years of work! Reconfigure into a fan site and refocus the efforts into a private project.

Keep the concept! Apply what has been learned about game novelization to a different, non-SE game.

Past Polls:
NOTE: All past polls are still available for voting.  (I apologize that some past ezBoard polls were removed of voting abilities during the Yuku transition; however, they are still available for discussion.)

Archived 3/22/09
Do you prefer Frog's speech to be in Shakespearean/Middle English or Modern English?
(For all visitors)

Archived 1/18/09
In what era should the final battle with Lavos occur?
(Recommended for current fans of Chrono Trigger)

Archived 3/15/08
How should Frog talk in the novel?
(For all visitors)

Archived 12/24/07
What do you think should be done to bring new life to the forum?
(For all visitors)

Archived 10/25/07
What is the scale of the Chrono universe?
(For all visitors)

Archived 8/19/07
What should Guardia Kingdom's currency be called in the novel?
(For all visitors)

Archived 4/23/07
Do you like the idea of a "Chapter 1" that takes place BEFORE the events in the game?
(For all visitors)

Archived 9/14/06
How "realistic" should spoken language be in the novel? (View accompanying forum discussion here.)
(Recommended for current fans of Chrono Trigger)

Archived 4/25/05
Does the story of Chrono Cross adequately follow up on the story of Chrono Trigger?
(Recommended for current fans of the Chrono series)

Archived 4/25/05
Have you ever had a problem with the menu on the left side of the main site?
(For all visitors)

Archived 9/19/04
If you were making a Chrono Trigger movie, what would you base the content from?
(For all visitors)

Archived 5/10/04 (Changed 5/10/04)
What's your opinion of the seasonal designs of the site?
(For all visitors)

Archived 12/6/03
What's your favorite Demo Chapter?
(For all visitors)

Archived 10/20/03
Lucca's Underlying Crush
(Recommended for current fans of Chrono Trigger)

Archived 8/26/03
Battles of Magus's Castle--What would you prefer?
(Recommended for current fans of Chrono Trigger)

Archived 8/2/03
Around what year should the Apocalypse be in the novel?
(WARNING: Story spoiler...Meant for current fans of Chrono Trigger!)

Archived 9/7/02
Where should a second split occur if there are 3 books?
(WARNING: Story spoiler...Meant for current fans of Chrono Trigger!)

Archived 9/7/02
Where should the novel be split if divided into two books?
(WARNING: Story spoiler...Meant for current fans of Chrono Trigger!)

Archived 7/2/02
What is your opinion of the novel's potential length of 800-1000 pages?
(For all visitors)

Initial Poll (Reposted in 5/10/04)
Should Square approve the licensing of the Chrono Trigger novel?
(For all visitors)


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